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Jóvenes en Resistencia presentan: DESDE IXIM ULEU (GUATEMALA) Un dialogo con muxeres mayas

6-8pm  Sábado 20 de febrero

En la casa solidaria del sur

4163 S. Central Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90011




12715860_10153442878422219_6429296902810772539_oXuana Mulul Castro cuenta que los proyectos mineros se han afectado fuertemente a las comunidades indígenas.

“Aunque las tierras son indígenas, que el gobierno tenga derecho a los bienes del subsuelo los lleva a concesionarlos para proyectos extractivos”, cuenta Mulul Castro subrayando que –aparte de violentar con ello cientos de años de cultura- no han sido consultados. Su comunidad, cuenta que, “ha vivido por años del arte y los tejidos, de la cerámica a mediana escala, en producciones familiares”. Después de siglos de olvido, los gobiernos movidos por los grandes capitales llegan a esos territorios.

“Se nos ha tachado de no querer el desarrollo porque no queremos la carretera o las grandes construcciones o la minería. Eso es desarrollo, ¿para quién? Para las grandes empresas y un pequeño número de familias”, dice Mulul en el marco de una audiencia en la subcomisión de derechos humanos de la eurocámara. “Queremos hacer público que no es generalizado el interés en esos proyectos, que no hay consulta a los pueblos, que tomen conciencia que aquí hay una realidad y allá hay otra”, afirma.

*Ixchumul Kantzija (Sociologa Lingüística) Presentara sobre la importancia de la recuperacion nutricional.


+ Ingrid Ainspac y Marvin Velasco

Prodigio musical de 14 años que dejó su hogar para Los Ángeles y la madre quien le recibió


Jóvenes en Resistencia presentan: DESDE IXIM ULEU (GUATEMALA) Un dialogo con muxeres mayas

Black Herstory! Casa 1 year anniversary!

There are not enough autonomous community spaces in Los Angeles. I am proud to know some of them; RAC, Eastside Café, La Concha, El Hormiguero, to name a few. Solidarity House of the South/Casa Solidaria del Sur sprung a year ago when a few of us decided to convert a store into a community space with different classes, poetry nights, and political events to bring awareness about different issues poor people of color face. It’s beautiful how we continue to grow reminding ourselves about our principles of unity such as having a people of color only space, centering the voices of queer, womxn, gender non conforming, trans folx, building community, anti-capitalists, and intergenerational. It’s not easy to sustain a space; when it’s all volunteered ran, donation based, we do this to remain autonomous. It’s a struggle against gentrification, capitalism, and competition. We are all learning by keeping each other accountable step by step. This week is our 1 year anniversary. Come celebrate community spaces!

No hay muchos espacios de autonomia en Los Angeles. Puedo decir que he conocido algunos como RAC, Eastside Café, La Concha, El Hormiguero. Casa Solidaria del Sur dio comienzó hace un año cuando alugnxs de nosotrxs tuvimos la oportunidad de transformar una tienda a un espacio comunitario con diferentes clases, noches de poesía, y eventos políticos sobre asuntos que la gente pobre de color tiene que enfrentar. Ha sido un aprendizaje estar en un colectivo recordándonos de nuestros principios de unidad como tener un espacio solo para gente de color, centralizado en la voz de personas no conformes al genro, muxeres de color, trans, y queer. Asi como creando comunidad, anti-capitalista, y trabajando con diferentes generaciones. No es fácil sostener un espacio, cuando todxs somos voluntarixs y nos sostenemos por donaciones. Es una lucha contra el aburguesimiento en ciudades como Los Angeles, el capitalismo, y la competencia. Todxs vamos aprendiendo paso a paso. Esta semana es nuestro aniversario! Ven a celebrar espacios comunitarios!

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Black Herstory! Casa 1 year anniversary!

Black Herstory Poetry Night!! Solidarity House of the South Community Space 1st YEAR Anniversary!!!

5-9pm Saturday February 13, 2015

4163 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011

Come celebrate solidarity house of the south 1st year anniversary with some poetry, food, and tincture making workshop!

Our motto is Black herstory! Honoring revolutionary, queer, black womnx who have and are still contributing to live in a better world through their ideas, books, and/or struggles!

3$ at the door (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)
*All donations go to support community space ♥

*Anastasya Broccoli

*Ambeeka Mathis

FullSizeRender (2)Ambeeka is a multi medium artist. From the stages to the pages Ambeeka creates connections. With greats like Nina Simone, Lauren hill,  Eryka Badu inspiring her, there is depth and soul in her content. “The arts are meant to allow us to beautifully evolve.” Fans love her energy and ounce you have experienced the electricity you will be captivated.


*Ashaki Jackson

Ashaki M. Jackson is a social psychologist and poet residing in Southern California. She is a Cave Canem fellow and former member of Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) and Idyllwild Summer Arts writing communities. In addition to the enclosed publications, various organizations have featured her readings, including Write Word Write Now’s Summer Solstice Reading Series (Detroit, MI), LouderArts at Bar13 (New York, NY), Courting Risk (New York, NY and Seattle, WA), and Rhapsodomancy (Los Angeles, CA), among others. She is currently mentoring and conducting research for initiatives involving teen girls.

*Lena Cole Dennis


Edxie Betts is a Black Queer Gender Non Conforming Liberation artist cultural worker who uses all creative tools  and technologies at their disposal to empower   themselves and those who are oppressed, and to propagate resistance culture.

*Ale Sanchez  

*El Rio

El Rio is comprised of Los Angeles (Occupied Tongva Land) locals, Melissa Uribe and Bryan Diaz. Inspired by the urban and natural landscape of the Los Angeles River, the Highlands along the Arroyo Seco and the red tailed hawks that fly above our heads, El Rio evokes sounds and energies of the earth. Their words are of resistance and revolution expressed through Latin American folk rhythms in a lyrical dance that unifies their past and present through song. In solidarity with communities fighting and resisting oppression worldwide, El Rio aims to provoke thought and change through music.


Big Momma’s Legacy offers a Topical Cream, Salves, Body Butter and Lip Balm. All of our products are made with 100% Natural Products and Certified Essential Oils. Our products are geared for Holistic Use and provide relief for body pains and aches. Our products are created with over 13 different Essential Oils that together with cannabis alleviates pain, Relaxes your body and soothes sore muscles.


Also we will be sharing the community space new classes!!

Solidarity House of the South works with the following principles of unity:
~people of color space
~wimin, queer, trans, gender non conforming people of color voices are prioritize
~pro-community love





Black Herstory Poetry Night!! Solidarity House of the South Community Space 1st YEAR Anniversary!!!

We Will Not Be Silenced!

We Will Not Be Silenced!

Monthly Open Mic      /    Second Saturdays

6-9pm January 9th     /     4163 S. Central Ave.

In honor of Zora Neale Hurtsonzora2

Hurston’s idyllic childhood came to an abrupt end, though, when her mother died in 1904. Zora was only 13 years old. “That hour began my wanderings,” she later wrote. “Not so much in geography, but in time. Then not so much in time as in spirit.”

After Lucy Hurston’s death, Zora’s father remarried quickly–to a young woman whom the hotheaded Zora almost killed in a fistfight–and seemed to have little time or money for his children. “Bare and bony of comfort and love,” Zora worked a series of menial jobs over the ensuing years, struggled to finish her schooling, and eventually joined a Gilbert & Sullivan traveling troupe as a maid to the lead singer. In 1917, she turned up in Baltimore; by then, she was 26 years old and still hadn’t finished high school. Needing to present herself as a teenager to qualify for free public schooling, she lopped 10 years off her life–giving her age as 16 and the year of her birth as 1901. Once gone, those years were never restored

“Someone is always at my elbow reminding me that I am the granddaughter of slaves. It fails to register depression with me.”

Featuring Kellie Dantzler and her Zora(ish)-consciousness-inspired musings in the form of a spoken word piece called, The Deduction, and a very short 10 minute play called, Passed On But Not Forgotten: (Episode One) Esther Jones.




Also in recognition of Paul Robeson who transitioned to another life on Janurary 23, 1976, we’ll be hosting The Robey Theatre Company whose mission is to explore, develop and produce provocative plays written about the Global Black Experience. Located in the melting pot of the world’s vibrant mixed-race milieu known as Los Angeles, Robey offers an encouraging environment of understanding and support where multi-cultural theatre advances and stimulates discussions about universal themes that reflect life as seen through the eyes of Black characters on stage struggling to survive, advance and simply maintain.

Paul Robeson was a famous athlete, singer, actor, and advocate for the civil rights of people around the world. The son of a runaway slave, he rose to prominence in a time when segregation was legal in the United States, and Black people were being lynched by racist mobs, especially in the South.paul

Also featuring El Memo Blaxicano, the Blaxican Voice of South Central LA; and X’s on Skella (local metal band)

$3-5 donation, no one will be turned away for lack of funds

Principles of Unity:
~Pro-Love~Intergenerational~Anti-Capitalist~People of Color Space
~Womxn, trans, queer & gender non-comforming voices are prioritized

jan open mic-page-001


Winter Solstice Appreciation Block Party


We gather on this year’s winter solstice weekend to celebrate and appreciate each other’s efforts in the struggle for a better tomorrow.

Our motto is: “The personal as the political can begin to illuminate all of our choices”.-Audre Lorde

Solidarity House of the South works with the following principles of unity:
~people of color space
~wimin, queer, trans, gender non conforming people of color voices are prioritize

Come to our appreciation block party to celebrate our unity and solidarity!

5pm-6:30pm: We will start with food and family activities at Solidarity House of the South (4163 S. central Ave. 90011)

6:30pm-9/10pm: Appreciation Music and Poetry at Zumba & Aerobics space ( 4157 S. Central Ave. 90011)

Pre sale Tickets $7/ Entrance @ Door $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
*All funds go to sustain community space

for more information e-mail:

Featured Artists:

Florence Avognon

featur[ing] the story of LAUSD teacher, Florence Avognon, a literacy specialist teacher at Phoenix Academy and the Los Angeles County Office of Education, focusing primarily on kids that nearly everyone else has given up on, such as those residing in drug rehabilitation facilities. She has also taught at Central Juvenile Hall, teaching incarcerated youth. Florence Avognon, herself a product of the public school system, raised by a single mother, and who benefited from the welfare system as a child, uses literature as one of her teaching tools. Avognon was recently recognized for her teaching work, being named California’s 2012 Teacher of the Year. Her one-woman play “Makin’ Us Whole: A Tribute to Literary Activists” opens this Friday as part of Women’s History month, and features works by such African American literary giants as Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, and many others. – See more at:

Luivette Resto

Luivette Resto

Born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, poet Luivette Resto was raised in the Bronx. The first in her family to graduate from college, Resto earned a BA at Cornell University and an MFA at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she studied withMartín Espada.

Resto’s poems engage themes of romantic love and cultural identity. In a 2008 blog interview with blogger Cindy E. Rodríguez, Resto discussed her commitment to the art, stating, “I enjoy the challenge of finding the right set of words to express a series of thoughts, emotions, or observations in a compacted space. For me, poetry can be the most beautiful way to express some of the most painful yet truthful side to life.”

Resto is the author of the poetry collections Unfinished Portrait (2008), which was a finalist for the Paterson Poetry Prize, and Ascension (2013). A CantoMundo Fellow, she has taught at Citrus College and Mt. San Antonio College, and has served as a contributing editor for Kweli Journal. She lives with her family in the Los Angeles area, and hosts the monthly reading series La Palabra in Highland Park.

The Steven McGill Project


Welcome to the Steven McGill Project.  We are here to provide your ears with the best jazz music available be it recorded or in live performance.  We perform standard and original compositions.  We are here to provide music to make YOU happy.   I, Steven McGill – percussionist,  am lucky enough to be in a musical community that enjoys making all types of music.  With the help of friends we have been able to  produce two CD’s and one EP over the last eleven years none of which would have been possible without the support of this community. Now I would like to let everyone know we are presently recording a new CD “Nia” which means “Purpose” in Swahili as in this is what we were meant to do at this point in time.  The music keeps improving as everyone in this community works very hard at what they do.  No one is ever satisfied with where they are, so we all keep working to improve our skills which this upcoming CD will show. So that brings us to today, a new day, a great day to make great music!!!!  The band is available to perform live which is an even more incredible experience (in my opinion) when it comes to enjoying this music.  Life presents us with a short period of time to enjoy.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy us!!!  For the most current and updated information about what is happening with the band be sure to take a look at our Blog.

Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra artista de mexicana de ceramica y cantante del genero de Trova.
Ha incursionado en la actuacion en grupos de teatro Latino en LA, asi como tambien en diferentes shows de ceramica en lugares como The folk Tree, Hollywood Forever y Xiem Clay Center.

Participa cantando en eventos culturales principalmente para organizaciones nonprofit en LA. Alejandra estudio canto en Pasadena City College, Ceramica en Glendale College y actuacion con el maestro y actor Damian Delgado.

The Oracle, Denise L. Cook

denise l cook
Recent two time Spoken Word Billboard Award Winner, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Motivational Speaker and Award Winning Arthur, Denise L. Cook, is  The ORACLE.

Denise is a prolific writer and captivating performer. The ORACLE has been   inducted in the International Who’s Who in Poetry. Her works represent her true nature and is summed up in The ORACLE’s mantra, “all-ways remember to love yourself”.

Denise established her first dance company at the age of eight.  She went on to receive her B.A. in Dance, MFA and Teaching credential from the Graduate school of Education at U.C.L.A. and later a M.Ed at National University. She taught at numerous schools throughout L.A. county, including her last position as Performing Arts Department Chair at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles and Pacific Oaks Teaching College in Pasadena, where she taught the art of writing. Denise is an award winning published author of two books of poetry, prose and song and was nominated for the Los Angeles Poet Laureate, 2014.

The ORACLE’s writing workshop, “The Oracle’s Self-Love Workshop, is a hit amongst students of all ages, women’s organizations and social organizations which address abuse of all kinds, self-love and awareness issues and the like. Denise has lived the lives of many, which makes her content and approach so effective.

The ORACLE is coming to town to Speak with you….

Las Sangronas y El Cabron

Inline image 2     

Las Sangronas y El Cabron are SusyRiot (gritos), Angie Rata (guitar/voz) and Louie D.K. (drums). LSyEC is a Chican@ and Latina/o punk band from Highland Park, Los Angeles. We formed in a tight-squeeze garage and have been playing on-and-off since 2006. Many of our shows have been for community events and fundraisers that benefit local non-profit organizations that reach out to queer youth, women of color, and homeless women. LSyEC have been included in a Chicas Rockeras of S.E.L.A. ( compilation. We all bring something different to the table, drawing from different musical and artistic interests, politics, and pre-occupations, but find solidarity in punk rock.


Solidarity House of the South           4163 S-2-page-001Solidarity House of the South           4163 S-page-001



Winter Solstice Appreciation Block Party

#SiHuboGenocidio, Radical Feminism, & Jazz

Join the Solidarity House of the South every second Saturday of the month for our poetry night/open mic.

Saturday October 10, 2015

Event Time: 6pm-9pm

4163 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011


In collaboration with Colectivo Guatemalteco LA there will be background history of Guatemala’s people resistance against military dictatorships and genocide. On September 3rd, 2015 Otto Perez Molina resigned to his presidency after months of protests. Although the decision is huge, the people of Guatemala (especially indigenous communities) continue to speak up and highlight the genocide and remembering all disappeared people.

Honoring the Radical Puerto Rican Feminist Luisa Capetillo

“When there is no longer the need to steal a roll of bread, for lack of food; when private property no longer exists and we all begin to view each other as brothers and sisters, then and only then will the prisons and useless, destructive churches disappear. Misery, hate and prostitution will cease to exist. Free trade will exist because all frontiers and borders will be abolished and then true liberty will reign on this planet” – Luisa Capetillo


Luisa Capetillo was the first Puerto Rican woman to commit to writing her feminist ideas and theories on the rights of women. In 1909, Luisa wrote and published Mi opinion sobre las libertades, derechos y deberes de la mujer (My opinion about the liberties, rights and responsibilities of women) which is the first feminist thesis written in Puerto Rico. Although she considered herself a feminist, she did not join any of the feminist organizations that emerged during that time. She instead dedicated all her efforts to the labor movement, believing that the union was the vehicle for poor working women to obtain justice and equality. She wore pants in public, challenging the social mores of the time. She advocated for free and liberal education for all womxn and men. Perhaps one of her most controversial ideas was “free love,” which many misinterpreted as encouraging promiscuity. In her essays she explains that women should choose whom they will love freely, without legal interference or matrimony.

“The institution of slavery no longer exists, but as long as there are masters, there will be slaves” – Luisa Capetillo

Featured artist: Luivette Resto 


We will also be celebrating the birthday of a great Jazz musician, Thelonious Monk. Recognized as one of the most inventive pianists of any musical genre, Monk achieved a startlingly original sound that even his most devoted followers have been unable to successfully imitate.


“With jazz musicians, issues and assumptions about of drug use always come up—particularly in Monk’s case because he was…odd. So odd, in fact, that the question of mental illness always looms large when we think of him. But with access to medical records and to his family, I got a sense of a man who suffered more from prescription drugs and bad diagnosis than he did from illicit drugs and bipolar disorder. He received very bad medical treatment, bad advice and bad prescriptions for a very long time. The impact that had on his ability to function shocked me.

In films of Monk, we get an image of Nellie (his wife) as the loyal helpmate—there’s some truth to that, she was the person most responsible for keeping him together. But I really came to see her as a fully realized human being with her own goals and dreams, desires and frustrations, as someone who suffered quite a bit. One of the things [we try to do is] look at the so-called male genius in the context of his family…to understand how important his spouse was, his partner, in the realization of that genius.” –Robin Kelley

“Interviewer: ‘What other interests do you have?’
Monk: ‘Life in general.’
Interviewer: ‘What do you do about it?’
Monk: ‘Keep breathing.’ ”
“Interviewer: ‘What do you think the purpose of life is?’
Monk: ‘To die.’ ”

— Down Beat magazine, October 28, 1971

Jazz music by: Lady McD and The Steven McGill Project


#SiHuboGenocidio, Radical Feminism, & Jazz